It's just math: numbers through an equation



We also have an algorithm that allows users to project their own parabolas. We believe the
best application of it will be online for free and that users will be drawn to repeatedly use it.

This algorithm will be the first of its kind to the marketplace, and with its extreme difficulty of
being duplicated, will have a “best” chance for going viral.

We will partner with an investor for the expense of scaling the project and adding marketing

The algorithm also adds a new feature to the current market projection function: the ability
for users to input their own data and to make their own supply and demand projections for
their businesses. Such data as sales, earnings and inventories will have our calculus-based
tool available for optimal forecasting and planning. Businesses, lenders, accountants and
others will stand to be (avid) natural users of it.

This new feature will be in addition to the new ability to type in your stock or index choice
and make your own parabola projections.

Furthermore, following on will undoubtedly be business and math classes excited for the
chance to expose their students to these new online projection tools. And being able to
easily see the mathematical certainty displayed by the graphs in our completed parabolas archive
will enable the new users to grasp the logic and value of the projections for forecasting
the future more (actually most) exactly with them.

Please use our contact link for further inquiry.

The data in the orange part of the parabola
generate the parabola projection (blue).
There are usually multiple parabolas for a trend.
The calendars are precise.
Data is collected daily or every 30 minutes.

  First time users be sure to try out the SP 30 min   Slideshow.  And then the History Thumbnails
  and Completed Parabolas

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